APS implements a complete BigBox production project of 8 million euros

This year a project has been completed for a major plastic injection company in Spain that involves the design, management and implementation of a complete facility for the production of Bigboxes.

A project that involves the complete automation of Bigbox production in its different sizes, including the assembly of feet and skids in its different configurations, and the automated stacking in the warehouse.

This facility allows the company to produce more than 70 different references of containers, customized to the real needs of the end customer in a fully automated manner.

The joint effort of all the project partners led by APS, ENGEL injection machines, Mundimold high-performance moulds, KUKA handlers, and others, has allowed us to obtain the best results worldwide in terms of the characteristics of the plastic part, weight, structural behavior and production cycle of the mould which is already lower than 100 seconds.