The main methods of transformation
of plastic materials are:


Once the material is heated, it is subjected to pressure by means of a press so that it passes through a die. As the plastic cools, it solidifies, maintaining the new shape it has acquired.


This method consists of injecting the molten plastic under pressure into a closed cold mold through an orifice. Once it cools, the plastic solidifies and the part is obtained.

Blow molding

This technique is used to produce hollow plastic parts, such as bottles. It consists of injecting plastic into a mold, and then introducing pressurized air, so that the molten plastic adheres to the walls of the mold and solidifies assuming their shape.


It consists of placing the material in an open mold and applying pressure by means of a press so that the material adopts the shape of the mold.

APS Mundimold provides solutions at 360 degrees for the international plastic injection industry, from the implementation of complete plants to the improvement and optimization of existing products/processes.

These are our solutions:

Implementation of complete plants and/or product lines
Implementation of new processes
Improvement of existing products and/or processes
Injection management
Supply of finished parts
Sale of machines and/or peripherals
Test and pre-series in our injection center
We have collaboration agreements in more than 10 countries around the world for the injection of plastic parts and we have our own plants to carry out plastic injection tests with machines from 150 tons to 1,200 tons.