Aps Financials is in charge of managing the financing of international projects with large corporations and international organizations that support projects related to R&D, investments in Sustainable Development, CSR, Circular Economy, and many others, including collaborations with the main centers of technological development.

Our services are:

Transaction of Incentives, Subsidies and Grants

Among our main activities is the processing and achievement of official aids for companies.

Thanks to continuous and completely updated studies, it detects and analyzes the most optimal grants for each need, regardless of the size or characteristics of your company.

We take care of the entire application process and monitoring of the status of the aid, acting in all areas of calls, regional, national and European.

Service catalog

UE Programs

  • Horizon 2020 Program
  • Eureka Programs
  • Iberoeka Programs
  • R&D Framework Programs
  • LIFE Environment Programs

National Programs (Spain)

  • Reindustrialization and Competitiveness Improvement Programs
  • ENISA lines of business financing
  • CDTI R&D and innovation programs
  • ICO Financing Lines
  • Technological and Commercial Cooperation Projects
  • Internationalization Programs (ICEX and COFIDES)

Financial Services Division

The financial services division offers its clients the best service for managing and obtaining financial resources at all levels of the company.

We analyze each case adapting all the knowledge about the markets to the real state of your company to set financial objectives and assume them from the best expectations.

Service catalog

  • Analysis and Comparison of the Banking Offer
  • Improvement of Banking Conditions.
  • Profitability Criteria.
  • Margin Optimization.
  • Obtaining Aid for Interest Rate Subsidies.
  • Financial Studies for the Implementation of Companies Abroad.
  • Collaboration Agreements with the Main Financial Entities.
  • Collaboration Agreements with the Main Financial Organizations at European Level.

Spain and Latin America: Grant and aid programs. IBEROEKA

The IBEROEKA projects are an instrument to support technological business cooperation in Ibero-America. This initiative is included in the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development (CYTED) in which 19 Latin American countries, Portugal and Spain participate.

Iberoeka is based on the fundamental bottom-up principle, by virtue of which participants are free to use their own criteria to formulate, develop and finance R&D&i projects according to their needs.

The CDTI, as the Spanish Managing Body of the Iberoeka projects (OGI), promotes the participation of Spanish companies in this initiative, advising on the presentation of new proposals, the search for partners and access to sources of financing.

In Iberoeka there are no closed spaces that frame the innovative initiatives of companies and research centers. On the contrary, participants can undertake projects tailored to their specific needs, provided that they meet certain basic requirements.

A simple set of criteria for evaluating Iberoeka projects guarantees participants minimal bureaucracy, with maximum control and flexibility.

The project needs to:

  • Count on the participation of independent partners from at least two member countries.
  • Be innovative, understanding as such the one from which new or substantially improved products, processes or services are obtained.
  • Generate a product, process or service close to the market.

This open nature allows the presentation of projects related to the development of advanced technologies, to projects with a specific technology transfer and adaptation component, as well as initiatives to improve traditional processes and products through the application of new technologies.

The Iberoeka network is made up of the same 21 countries that participate in the CYTED Program: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay , Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.