Moulds rental

Mouldrent, a company of the APS group, precisely knows the needs of customers and provides an international knowledge of the sector, of plastic products and moulds.
With more than 40 years of experience in the mould and injection field, and a wide international technical assistance network, we are able to provide a fully guaranteed mould rental service, with perfect operation and a complete management and maintenance service.

Mouldrent's activities are:

International sale
of plastic parts

International rental service of injection moulds
Sale of used moulds “second life” with full guarantee of functionality

The international mold rental services provide plastic product trading and injection companies with a strategic and commercial tool of great value, since it allows:

Carry out real market studies with a minimum investment, introducing products that have already been tested internationally into their potential markets.
Produce and sell small batches of articles that do not allow the amortization of a high investment in moulds.
Make seasonal offers of specific products, especially for the promotions of companies specialized in points of sale or "retail".


Our mould rental business model is based on sustainability, optimization of investment and effective use of resources, integrating discontinued, unused or very limited production moulds into the company’s circular economy.
Mediante la reutilización de los activos, en nuestro caso moldes, en nuevos procesos.
Transformando pasivos ambientales sin valor, como son los residuos plásticos de las empresas, en nuevos productos dentro de su propia cadena de suministro o en la de terceros, obteniendo así nuevas piezas plásticas que sí aportan valor.