APS participates in the first meeting of Packaging and Circular Economy

Organized by the Innovation Packaging Cluster, November 21, 2019 in Spain.

When will we know the new eco-modulated rates? When will be the transposition of the European directive on plastic? What is the weakest link to achieve circularity in packaging? What are the new international regulations for sustainable materials in contact with food? How do the new recycling fractions of the packaging container work in the sorting plants? What requirements must the packaging meet to comply with the 2030 legislation?

To resolve these and others doubts, this first meeting was organized on November 21st, 2019

To do this, with an OPEN DEBATE format, we had the participation of experts from ECOEMBES, ASOBIOCOM, AVEP, ITENE, CEOE, ESIC and TÜV AUSTRIA IBERIA.

We also had a discussion table with companies that presented their success stories, including CONSUM, TETRA PAK, ACTECO and FAERCH PLAST.